Documents and Forms

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Institute Forms & Documents

Change of Status of a Member (revised 3/10/18)

2018 Constitution (revised 9/11/2020)

Revised 9/11/20 Constitution (Replacement Pages Only)

New History of YLI - Main Document (revised 2018)

Instructions for Financial Secretary (revised 9/16/18)

Instructions for Recording Secretary  (revised 9/16/18)

Instructions for Trustees  (revised 9/16/18)

Instructions for Treasurer  (revised 9/16/18)

Manual for Officers and Deputies  (revised 9/16/18)

Meeting Procedure (revised 6/2019)

Member's Handbook [8.5" x 11"]

Member Ledger Page

Memorial Service

Memorial Card

Non-Partisan Position Statement (3/13/2021)

Notification of Death of Beneficial Member

Novena Leaflet

Officers' List with Addresses with Fill-In (revised)


Quarterly Report with fill-in (WORD format) (revised 9/16/18)

Quarterly Report with formulas.xls (revised 9/16/18)

Roll of Officers - Fill-in form

Suspension Letter Form

Transfer Card (revised 3/10/18) 


Members' Information

Application for Membership (revised 11/7/20).pdf

Application for Scholarship

Scholarship Certification of Good Standing - Must be sent with Application

Beneficiary Meeting Eligibility Requirements Form - Must be completed for all Beneficial Members

Completing the Beneficiary Form

Frequently asked Questions regarding Death Benefit and Beneficiaries

List of Available Scholarships

YLI Organizational Structure

Grand Institute Forms & Documents

Articles of Incorporation

Application for Disaster Relief

Audit Instructions - Institute Recording Secretary (revised Sept. 2020)

Certificate of Good Standing - Modified Convention

Credential of Delegates & Alternates (revised April 2021)

Disbanding Procedures (revised March 2012)

District Deputy Evaluation Form

Expense Voucher Form

Expense Voucher Fill-In form

Guidelines for Candidates for Grand Office

Candidate Information Form

Merging Procedures (revised March 2012)

Scholarship Endowment Form~2 pages--Front

Scholarship Endowment Form--Back

Summary of Quarterly Report Forms - For Use by Grand Directors


YLI Logo Black

YLI Logo Blue

Grand Institute Committee Guidelines

Archives Committee

Golden Jubilee Burse Remembrance Mass and Presentation