Documents and Forms

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Institute Forms & Documents

Change of Status of a Member (revised 3/10/18)

2018 Constitution (revised 9/11/2020)

Revised 9/11/20 Constitution (Replacement Pages Only)

New History of YLI - Main Document (revised 2018)

Instructions for Financial Secretary (revised 9/16/18)

Instructions for Recording Secretary  (revised 9/16/18)

Instructions for Trustees  (revised 9/16/18)

Instructions for Treasurer  (revised 9/16/18)

Manual for Officers and Deputies  (revised 9/16/18)

Meeting Procedure (revised 6/2019)

Member's Handbook [8.5" x 11"]

Member Ledger Page

Memorial Service

Memorial Card

Non-Partisan Position Statement (3/13/2021)

Notification of Death of Beneficial Member

Novena Leaflet

Officers' List with Addresses with Fill-In (revised)


Quarterly Report with fill-in (WORD format) (revised 9/16/18)

Quarterly Report with formulas.xls (revised 9/16/18)

Roll of Officers - Fill-in form

Suspension Letter Form

Transfer Card (revised 3/10/18) 


Members' Information

Application for Membership (revised 11/7/20).pdf

Application for Scholarship

Scholarship Certification of Good Standing - Must be sent with Application

Beneficiary Meeting Eligibility Requirements Form - Must be completed for all Beneficial Members

Completing the Beneficiary Form

Frequently asked Questions regarding Death Benefit and Beneficiaries

List of Available Scholarships

YLI Organizational Structure

Grand Institute Forms & Documents

Articles of Incorporation

Application for Disaster Relief

Audit Instructions - Institute Recording Secretary (revised Sept. 2020)

Certificate of Good Standing - Modified Convention

Credential of Delegates & Alternates (revised April 2021)

Disbanding Procedures (revised March 2012)

District Deputy Evaluation Form

Expense Voucher Form

Expense Voucher Fill-In form

Guidelines for Candidates for Grand Office

Candidate Information Form

Merging Procedures (revised March 2012)

Scholarship Endowment Form~2 pages--Front

Scholarship Endowment Form--Back

Summary of Quarterly Report Forms - For Use by Grand Directors


YLI Logo Black

YLI Logo Blue

YLI Digital Logo (Approved for Alternate Use)

Grand Institute Committee Guidelines

Archives Committee

Golden Jubilee Burse Remembrance Mass and Presentation